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Why Install a Sprinkler System?

Sprinklers may seem like a luxury, but they provide several real benefits for your landscape. So if you are looking for a home improvement project that will increase your property value, make landscaping easier and improve the curb appeal of your home, look no further. A professionally installed sprinkler system is the way to go!

Sprinkler System Functionality: Your landscape contractor will come to your home, assess your landscaping needs, and design a sprinkler system for your yard. Your contractor will take into account your soil condition, which parts of your yard gets sun or shade, your grass, etc. Your system will be tailored for your needs, for your yard, and to fit your budget.

Types of Sprinkler Systems: There are several different types of sprinklers, each designed for a specific purpose. These include:

  • Spray Head Sprinkler: This type of sprinkler covers a relatively small area, but dispenses quite a bit of water. It pops up when used and then retracts back into the ground when the system is shut off.
  • Drip Sprinkler: This type of sprinkler is perfect for small areas and greenhouses, utilizing drops of water instead of full sprays like traditional sprinklers. It is economical and environmentally friendly.
  • Rotating Sprinkler: This type of sprinkler is ideal for large areas. Its head is able to move around in a full circle, allowing a single sprinkler head to cover a large area.

Benefits of a Sprinkler System: There are several benefits, including:

  • A sprinkler system is a great investment in your home
  • A lush green landscape will only increase your home’s value
  • The convenience of your yard being automatically watered
  • A sprinkler system saves water

So why don’t you have a sprinkler system?

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For more than 20 years, TLC, Inc has specialized in the planning, installation and maintenance of high-quality commercial and residential Lawn Sprinklers and Irrigation Systems, Lawn Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, and Holiday Lighting.

TLC also designs and installs outdoor, decorative and security lighting for lawns, gardens, pools, hot tubs, decks, and walkways – you name it and they’ll make it a feature that will add beauty (and value) to any home or business.

TLC Inc.: A dedicated team of lighting specialists for the Mid-Atlantic Region, including Maryland, Washington D.C. Northern Virginia, and Delaware.

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Cost of Installing Sprinkler Systems

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For more than 20 years, TLC, Inc has specialized in the planning, installation and maintenance of high-quality commercial and residential: Lawn Sprinklers and Irrigation Systems Lawn Lighting Outdoor Lighting Holiday Lighting Lighting for outdoor features including pools, hot tubs, spas, decks and walkways A dedicated team of lighting and irrigation specialists for the Mid-Atlantic Region Bob Carr and his dedicated, talented staff have been keeping the metro area green and lit with pride for over 25 years. TLC, Inc. began as a small residential lawn sprinklers / irrigation service installation and maintenance business in 1981. Today, TLC Inc. is recognized as a leader in the lawn sprinklers / irrigation services, outdoor lighting and decorative lighting field throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including Maryland, Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Delaware.
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