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Holiday Lighting Shortcuts: Easy decorative lighting for the holidays

Are you busy this holiday season? Have you started shopping? Do you know if you’re going to Aunt Ester’s for Christmas dinner? And how much are those plane tickets to Podunk anyway?

“It’s definitely a hectic time of year,” says Bob Carr, owner of TLC Incorporated, which specializes in outdoor lighting and landscape irrigation. “Our number one goal this time of year is easy holiday lighting, since customers are pulled in so many directions during this season.”

One of the most unique offerings is that TLC Incorporated will make easy holiday lighting and decorating even easier. “We’ll come out to people’s houses, do the lights, the garland, set the timers and then take it all down afterwards. It doesn’t get any less time consuming than that,” says Carr.

Indeed, having TLC Incorporated do all the work is the very essence of easy holiday lighting. “We like to offer this service, because we know people get joy out of seeing the lights and being festive, but the truth is that in today’s economy, people are working more,” says Carr. “In the free time they do have, people want to see their kids, run their errands, catch a game on tv, take a nap on the couch. They don’t want to undertake a massive holiday lighting project that typically involves frustration and the risk of falling off the roof.”

So, what does easy holiday lighting like this cost? “Not as much as you might think,” says Carr. It is a convenience service, but TLC Incorporated understands that people don’t want to spend their entire Christmas budget on outdoor lighting. “We’re happy to give free quotes,” says Carr.

That’s probably because most people who get a quote for the ultimate in easy holiday lighting solutions take TLC Incorporated up on the offer. “To save the aggravation and time of having to deal with it, people will pay for the service. It’s been a great offering for us,” says Carr.

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