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Outdoor Lighting

Why You Need Outdoor Lighting for Added Security

In today’s world, you can never be too safe.  Luckily, there is an easy, practical and effective choice you can make to improve your safety at home.  You can install, add to or update your outdoor lighting system.  Outdoor security lights are a sensible, simple step that you can take to increase the security of your home.

Security lights act as a deterrent to crime.  In fact, statistics consistently show that well-lighted properties are less likely to be vandalized or targeted for crime than those properties without strong, effective outdoor lighting. The simple truth is that criminals prefer to work in the dark.  When you install outdoor lighting, you make your home less appealing, and therefore criminals are more likely to choose another target.

So, what sort of outdoor lighting should you select?  There are a variety of options available. One type of security lighting is known as dusk to dawn lighting.  These lights use sensors which let them know when to turn on and off, providing continuous light throughout the night. This way, you know that your home will be well-lighted at night, even when you aren’t there.

Another method for providing outdoor security lighting is the use of motion detectors.  This type of security lighting has become very popular.  In addition to being more cost-effective in the long run, some believe that the surprise factor involved with this type of lighting is an even greater deterrent to would-be criminals.  In addition, many homeowners prefer knowing that the outdoor lighting will only go on when it is necessary, and they like knowing that when the lights are activated, they are also given notice by the bright light and are therefore aware of any potential issue.

For those who can’t decide which type of outdoor lighting is best for their situation, there is another option.  Hi/lo motion activated lighting provides the benefits of both sensor lights and motion detector lighting.  These outdoor lights have sensors which turn them on at 20% of their full wattage from dusk to dawn.  Additional motion detectors trigger their full wattage when someone or something passes by.  In this way, you are automatically provided with additional light when you need it, and potential criminals are warned off by two of the most effective home deterrents available.

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