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  • How to Winterize Your Irrigation System

    Irrigation systems vary; some people have a basic, above ground sprinkler system that is largely manual, meaning that they move the sprinkler heads where they want them, rotate the placement of the sprinkler(s) and turn it off manually at the… Read More

  • Going Green for the Holidays with Your Outdoor Lighting

    You’re No Grinch, but Go Green Anyway Environmentally Friendly Outdoor Holiday Lighting When you think “green” about the holidays, you’re usually referring to either the Christmas tree or that lovable humbug, the Grinch. But with the recent popularity of the… Read More

  • Your Outdoor Christmas Lighting Safety Guide

    Portions of this article are featured on Wikipedia at Christmas Lights The Christmas holiday season comes with a great deal of fun and excitement; taking the kids to see Santa, visiting friends, seeing family and giving and receiving presents that… Read More

  • Holiday Lighting Shortcuts: Easy decorative lighting for the holidays

    Are you busy this holiday season? Have you started shopping? Do you know if you’re going to Aunt Ester’s for Christmas dinner? And how much are those plane tickets to Podunk anyway? “It’s definitely a hectic time of year,” says… Read More

  • Top Tips for Outdoor Christmas Lighting

    “‘Tis the season to be jolly.” and other Christmas music is playing in stores, our homes and even our cars. So, it’s no wonder that you’re ready to kick-start the holiday season. And one of the best ways to do… Read More

  • Outdoor Lighting Service Agreements

    Why You Need to Know about Lighting and Irrigation System Service Agreements OK, we admit, it’s not the most exciting topic: lighting and irrigation system service agreements. Many of you may not even know what they are, but Bob Carr,… Read More

  • Finding the Perfect Home Improvement Contractor

    Open up the Yellow Pages or do a Google search for any home improvement contractor – a garage remodeler or a landscaper, for example – and you’ll be swimming in choices. But not all of them will be good choices;… Read More

  • Pet Wastes and Your Lawn

    Go to any homeowner’s board meeting in the country, and you’ll hear residents complain about neighbors that don’t pick up after the pets, how dog poop is ruining otherwise impeccable lawns and how homeowners want to know what can be… Read More

  • Lawn Care 101: Mowing Tips that Will Make Your Yard the Envy of the Neighborhood

    “I hate to see overgrown yards in the middle of summer,” says Bob Carr, owner of TLC Incorporated, a lawn care and irrigation company. “Mowing is science more than an art, and following just a few rules can keep your… Read More

  • Is a Drought the End of Your Lawn?

    During every summer, there’s a drought somewhere. Going extended periods of time with no rain, of course, causes trouble for everyone; usually, water restrictions are enforced, and lawn care maintains a secondary importance as long as people have enough water… Read More

  • The Advantages of Low Volt Lighting

    How Low Can You Go? The Advantages of Low Voltage Lighting If you’re worried about the environment, low voltage lighting is a great way to reduce the earth’s burden. Low voltage lighting uses much less energy, and transformers turn 120… Read More

  • Dispelling Irrigation System Myths

    These days, people are very concerned about the environment and waste. Recycling efforts have increased across the board with both home and business owners. Slogans that remind us to go green appear everywhere from emails to t-shirts. Grocery stores even… Read More

  • Outdoor Landscape Lighting: It Could Be Just What You Need

    You’ve oohed and ahhed over home magazines that show it. You’ve been envious of neighbors when you saw what it did for them. Now you’re wondering if it’s right for you. So what exactly is this “it?” IT is landscape… Read More

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