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The Advantages of Low Volt Lighting

How Low Can You Go? The Advantages of Low Voltage Lighting

If you’re worried about the environment, low voltage lighting is a great way to reduce the earth’s burden. Low voltage lighting uses much less energy, and transformers turn 120 volts into 12, which also makes low voltage lighting safer for people and animals.

Undoubtedly, the green movement has had a monumental affect on home owners and how they make home improvements. But its environmental friendliness is not the only reason you might choose low voltage lighting. Consider that low voltage lighting is:

  • Super easy to install, which makes it both less aggravating and time consuming (that leaves you more time for cleaning out the garage or the gutters!)
  • Super easy to move around (sure, when it was in its glory, you wanted everyone to see that prize-winning rose bush, but now that the kids forgot to water it, you’d rather not showcase the poor bush’s brown, brittle leaves).
  • Makes your home safer-any kind of additional lighting is a deterrent for would-be burglars. It’s just too difficult to stay concealed with even low voltage lighting.
  • Very affordable-Bob Carr, owner of TLC Incorporated, which specializes in outdoor landscape lighting and irrigation systems, says, “People are always amazed that they can get such a classy and elegant lighting system at a relatively inexpensive price. People will pay more for their landscaping than they will their low voltage lighting. It really is a tremendous value.”
  • Very durable-with kids and dogs and even clumsy adults in the yard, it’s easy to accidentally knock things over. But low voltage lighting is very rugged and can handle a lot of abuse.
  • Adds value to your home, especially if you’re trying to sell it. Low voltage lighting can help showcase the unique features of your home that might otherwise get lost next to the rest of your home’s beauty.
  • Gives you a little extra cache around the neighborhood-you know that saying, “keeping up with the Joneses”? With the addition of some well placed, classically beautiful low voltage lighting, you’ll be the Joneses.
  • Good for the environment – did we already say that?

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