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Outdoor Lighting Service Agreements

Why You Need to Know about Lighting and Irrigation System Service Agreements

OK, we admit, it’s not the most exciting topic: lighting and irrigation system service agreements. Many of you may not even know what they are, but Bob Carr, of TLC Incorporated, which specializes in outdoor lighting and irrigation systems, says service agreements are worth taking time to learn about.

“We make people’s lives easier with our lighting and irrigation system service agreements,” Carr says. When TLC Incorporated customers make a purchase, they are automatically offered a service agreement, but Carr admits that people don’t see the value in them until something inevitably goes wrong.

“We know people want to save money, so their initial reaction is, “I won’t need a service agreement, I just bought the lighting or irrigation system brand new,”” Carr says. “They forget that they’ll have to work late, that they won’t have time to do all the routine maintenance, or even that one of the kids will knock out a light with a soccer ball or the irrigation system will become accidentally clogged.” Because home improvement purchases are investments, Carr says that’s even more reason to purchase a service agreement.

“People tend skimp on maintenance and will let damages get too far gone if they know they have to shell out more money to fix a lighting or irrigation system,” Carr adds. “But if they know their service agreement covers their lighting or irrigation systems, they’ll have us routinely check and make sure their systems stay operational.”

Certainly, lighting and irrigation system service agreements are an added value, because they help homeowners protect their investment(s). Plus, as Carr previously said, these service agreements simplify the homeowner’s life.

“Time goes so fast, and people today are especially short on time,” Carr says. “We want to do everything, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. That’s where having us on a service agreement can really make life seem less hectic.”

And that’s worth knowing about.

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