Wonderfully Worry-Free Holiday Lighting

Even though the thermometer hit 60°, Christmas is just around the corner. TLC can help you whittle down your honey-do list, so you can spend more time on your shopping list. We’ll provide everything you need to transform your house and yard into a winter wonderland for the holidays.


Don’t worry about those tangled sets of lights stored up in the attic. They probably won’t all be working anyway. Our lighting professionals will supply safer LED lights in the color (or colors) of your choice. We’ll also bring all of the power cords, timers and manpower needed to decorate your house from the rooftop down to the landscape.

Imagine coming home to a brilliantly illuminated home, without ever having to climb a ladder or work out in the cold. We can complete your decorating safer and more quickly, leaving you with more time to enjoy the season.

Best of all, TLC will come back to take down all of the lights after the holidays. We’ll pack them up for you, ready for next year. (Yes, you get to keep the lights!)

So go ahead and give your ladder a rest this winter. Call TLC to find out how affordable and valuable our holiday lighting packages can be.

You’ll be buying yourself a little more time to relax this holiday season.

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