Bob’s Spring Letter – Let’s Stay Safe This Spring

Here are some quick tips to follow when you are out in the yard this spring. Hey, if you’re like me and are waiting for the springtime weather…it’s just around the corner. I can’t wait to be out on my property doing “things.” Well, to ensure we all come back in the house with everything we went out with…

Here are a few quick tips, but before grabbing the proper tools, take a few precautions to ensure the safety of everyone while working.

Bob Carr
  • Always wear safety glasses or goggles to prevent eye injuries
  • Use earplugs
  • Wear gloves prevent slivers and other painful accidents
  • Keep gloves and clothing away from the moving parts of machinery
  • Avoid wearing dangling jewelry and tie back long hair to keep it from getting caught in the machinery
  • Protective guards on machinery should be keep in place to and in good working condition
  • Allow moving saws to come to a full stop before setting the power tool down
  • Use a GFI when using power tools
  • Before using a hammer, make sure there is enough room to swing it property and tap the nail into place and use the proper type of hammer for the job
  • Check the UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) mark on power tools before purchasing. The mark will indicate if the tool has been tested for fire, electric shock and related safety hazards
  • Inspect each tool and its power cord to ensure it is in good repair before using
  • Wear the proper clothing and shoes when working with electrical equipment
  • Before using a bladed power tool, check to see if the blade is properly sharpened. If it is chipped or bent, it could increase kickbacks and injuries
  • Keep the floor clean and use rubber mats to prevent slipping
  • When working on a ladder, make sure it is on solid, level goal and/or have someone to hold the ladder
  • Use a wood or fiberglass ladder to reduce the possibility of electrical shock when working near electrical sources
  • Check to see the ladder is well maintained and the rungs are clean and intake
  • Avoid overextended reaching while on a ladder and moving ladder while on it

Nothing will ruin a fantastic spring day quicker than a trip to the emergency room.

Safety first.


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