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Christmas Lighting: Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

No Christmas is complete without an outdoor Christmas light display. This is true for both your home and your place of business. So we have compiled a list of tips and helpful hints to make sure you have an outdoor light display that even Ebenezer Scrooge would appreciate.

Christmas Light Placement: Where you are going to place your lights is a crucial piece of information when you set out to buy your lights. Net lights are great for windows and roofs, string lights or strands of lights are great for trees and bushes, and LED lights are perfect for the homeowner concerned with energy efficiency.

So you can see why planning in advance is so important.

Buying the Right Christmas Lights: Where are your outdoor electric sockets located? Will you need extension cords? Do you want to use unsightly extension cords? Probably not. If that is the case, you should consider battery operated lights.

Christmas Lights come in different Styles and Colors: Colored lights, white lights, blue lights, icicle lights, frosted lights, net lights, strands of lights, blinking lights, and so much more!  With so many options, one can easily get overwhelmed. The best thing to do is to sit down and plan out your Christmas lighting display. What colors make sense? What style of lights makes sense?

Outdoor Safety for Christmas Lights: Certain lights are rated for outdoor use and certain lights are not. Be sure to check the specifications of your lights before decorating the exterior of your home.

For a few design ideas, checkout some of the best Washington D.C. area light displays of 2011!

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How To Choose The Right Outdoor Christmas Lights For Your Home And Garden

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