Does (or Should) Your Garage Have a Theme?

Garages are kind of like people – no two are exactly the same. But in all of the years that we’ve been providing garage cleanup and makeover services, we’ve noticed something kind of interesting: Well-organized garages very often seem to fit into one of five common garage themes.

garage theme

Unorganized, junked-up garages can also be classified into a common theme: ghastly and unsightly. But when our garage makeover crew tackles a junky, messy garage and transforms it into an oasis of order and tranquility, the born-again garage generally falls into one of the five following themes:

  1. Auto: Are you a gearhead? A car enthusiast? Do you love to spend weekends piddling with and maintaining your vehicles? Then your garage would likely have an Auto theme after its makeover, with plenty of neatly organized tools and spare parts. And plenty of floor space available for pulling in cars and working on them, of course.
  1. Workshop: If you’re a putterer, a fix-it-yourself kind of person, then your reorganized garage would probably fit in the Workshop theme. A Workshop theme is similar to an Auto theme, but the tools on display are more general, perhaps even including a nice selection of woodworking tools. And there’s plenty of workbench space for puttering away at lots of different projects.
  1. Gardening: Do you love to spend your spare time working on the lawn? Or tending to flower beds? Or growing luscious veggies? Then your garage theme will fit in the Gardening classification. You’ll have lots of gardening tools neatly organized and hanging on wall hooks. You’ll have plenty of storage area for unused gardening containers and pots. Maybe a place for the organized storage of seeds and bulbs. And maybe even some indoor growing areas cheerily lit with grow lights.
  1. Sports: If your family is into outdoor activities, sports and games, then your garage will have a Sports theme. That means there might be lots of neatly organized sports ‘stuff’ like tennis rackets, golf clubs, baseball, basketball or football gear. Or maybe some bicycles hung on the wall, or camping and hiking gear neatly stowed away and waiting for your next outing. Or maybe some of all the above!
  1. Universal: A universal garage theme is one that incorporates a little of everything. You can find elements of all of the above themes in a universal garage. This is probably the most common garage theme.

What Theme Should YOUR Garage Be?

Which of the five common themes do you think your garage should be? Which do you want it to be? Or maybe you have a unique theme in mind for your garage, one that will make your garage distinctive and exclusive.

Whatever theme your garage should be, we can make it happen for you. Just give us a call.

After all, the one common theme among messy, junky, unorganized garages is that they’re miserable to live with. If that describes your garage, then it’s time for a change of theme, wouldn’t you agree?


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