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Have you noticed how often daylight ends before you manage to get home to relax? Your home is your biggest investment, you should be able to enjoy it 24 hours a day. Transform your property into a warm, welcoming, resort-like environment your whole family can enjoy all day and night, every day of the year, with landscape lighting.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can also bring safety and security to your home and gardens while increasing your property value. Safety includes highlighting tricky spots for the convenience of your family and guests. It also means eliminating the hard shadows where unwanted visitors may hide. Here are some common uses for landscape lighting:

• Path and spread lighting illuminates a garden path, using fixtures 2′ high or less

• Accent and Deck lighting provides interest in your nightscape, safely lighting deck steps & special garden areas

• Grazing lighting to accent textured surfaces such as stucco and stone walls

• Uplighting provides dramatic effects when used to highlight a tree, artwork or sculpture

• Downlighting & Moonlighting: Light cast downward from a tree through its branches to landscape features below creates shadows for natural effects

• Post lighting: Accentuate key areas by installing light fixtures intermittently at fence posts along driveways, property boundaries and boat docks

Landscape lighting will add beauty and safety to your property. Lighting has the ability to showcase your beautiful landscaped yard and guide you, your family and guests safely to your front door when the sun has gone down. Lighting will also increase the value of your property and allow for greater security. TLC Incorporated will work with you and design a truly dramatic effect to meet your landscape lighting needs.

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