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Go green with sprinklers

Installing an automatic sprinkler system in your yard may not seem like a particularly green thing to do, but there are many eco-friendly benefits that an automatic system brings over ordinary sprinklers or not watering your lawn.  These benefits arise mostly from maintaining a healthy lawn and being able to better control your watering.

An automatic system makes it much easier and helps you be more successful in maintaining a healthy lawn. Like all plants, grass filters carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.  It’s also part of a healthy ecosystem that could die if the grass dies.  Insects use the grass for shelter, and birds and other animals feed off the insects.

Other environmentally friendly benefits come as a result of the planning and operation of your automatic system.  Before we install a system, we carefully plan out the locations and types of sprinklers to be used.  We place the sprinklers specifically to avoid overlaps and over watering.  Additionally, through soil testing and our knowledge of different grass varieties, we can determine the optimum watering schedule that’s precisely controlled so water isn’t wasted.

So, if you’d like to make your yard more eco-friendly with an automatic sprinkler system, contact us and we’ll get to work designing and installing your sprinklers.

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