How does professional holiday lighting work?

Are you interested in having your holiday lights installed professionally as we described in our last post but are unsure about the process?  This article describes the procedure pretty well and we wanted to pass it on to you.

Most professional holiday light installers will first want to see what your house looks like either in person or through a photo.  They’ll then develop a plan based on similar houses as a starting point and consult with the homeowner to customize the specific display.

While home lighting is the focus, the professionals can do far more.  Garlands and wreaths, landscape lighting, and window decorations are all part of their toolbox.  They bring training in design principles and electrical specifications with them.  Once the design is complete, they schedule a day and time to put up and take down the displays with the homeowner.

If you’d like more information on the service or would like to get started designing your display contact us. We’re scheduling installation appoints now and would love to add you to our calendar.

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