How To Properly Maintenance Your Lawn With A Sprinkler System

If you are trying to save on your home maintenance, you should invest in a sprinkler system. Not only does it free up your time but it can free up some extra cash as well. Read now to learn how you can save time and money today.

Some may say by hand watering your lawn you can conserve water but with a properly designed sprinkler system, you can reduce your water bill and improve the appearance of your home and reduce the time invested in manual labor for your home maintenance.

By installing an automatic sprinkler system in your yard, your flowerbeds, gardens, and lawn can get the water they need. The system will also make it easy for your landscape designer to add irrigation to your yard.

The efficiency of an automatic sprinkler system is based on three primary components: 1. Design. 2. Installation and Maintenance. 3. Management. When all three are properly addressed, water will be moved where it is wanted and then dispersed.

Modern sprinkler systems can now be computer controlled to respond to the time of day you want it activated, the volume of water you want present and the temperature outside. Systems can be stationary or moveable.

A sprinkler system is simply a network of buried pipes attached to sprinkler heads above ground to water what ever is necessary – lawns, plants, trees, and shrubs. Some common sprinkler heads are impact, surface, pop-up head, and the bubbler head.

When purchasing a sprinkler system always map out the location of your water meter, main line and any slopes, trees, shrub, sidewalks, and driveways on your property. Also, never forget to get information on the sun exposure coming onto your property and measure your water pressure.

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