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Is Your Snow Removal Insurance in Place? You Might be Needing it Soon!

Fall is flying by faster than your yard fills up with fallen leaves. Winter is just around the corner. It won’t be long before you’ll be snow-shoveling instead of leaf-raking – except, of course, for the folks that purchase a TLC snow removal insurance policy.

Have you bought your snow removal insurance yet?


It’s human nature to put things off, but there’s not much time left for dawdling. History shows that the average first snowfall in Maryland occurs in early- to mid-December.

But there have certainly been some notable exceptions to that “average” first snowfall date…

Will This be a Year for the Record Books?

Mother Nature is a quirky lady. She doesn’t care about averages and medians and means. She does what she wants, when she wants.

In 1979, for example, she decided to throw Maryland residents a curve ball with a record-breaking early snowfall on October 10, during the World Series. (Probably not many people had snow removal insurance in placethat early!)

On November 11, 1987 – nearly a full month before the average first snowfall – almost a foot of snow was dumped upon the D.C. area. Mother Nature took everyone by surprise on that day; so many cars were stranded on the Capitol Beltway that snowplows couldn’t get through to clear the snow.

On Veterans Day, 1995, Mother Nature hit hard. Temperatures plummeted 30 degrees or more in just a couple of hours. Rain quickly turned into snow, driven hard by winds that gusted ferociously from the northwest. And it just kept on snowing. The snow finally ended on November 18. It was a record snowfall for November, and tied the all-time total snow event for the area with a cumulative snowfall of 58 inches.

It May Not be Nice to Fool Mother Nature…

But it’s not much fun to be fooled by her, either. And considering the above record-breaking events, it seems she really enjoys fooling as many of us as she possibly can.

So if you’re planning on purchasing snow removal insurance from TLC this winter, now’s the time to do it. You can head into the winter months with a relaxed, ‘let it snow’ attitude. Wait any longer, though, and you’ll risk getting fooled by Mother Nature.

And if you’re not planning on purchasing snow removal insurance, better have your snow removal equipment on standby and ready to go. You just might be needing it very soon!


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