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It’s HOT! Your Landscaping Needs More Water Than Usual

There are many reasons to install a sprinkler system, whether it’s starting a garden or improving the lushness of your grass. In fact, most landscaping doesn’t get enough water, especially in a heatwave like we are experiencing now. You cannot depend on rain to keep your landscaping healthy, since it’s quite unpredictable.  An automatic sprinkler system will do a better job than hand watering because it will have been custom-designed to deliver the water your lawn needs. A sprinkler system can even rescue grass that looks beyond hope – anemic, wispy, and patchy!

One thing that may worry you is an increase in your water rates with an automatic sprinkler system. Sprinklers will be arranged so that water patterns overlap, and they will be placed on your property in such a way that runoff is minimized. When you water by hand, you lose more than half the water just to runoff and evaporation. You might forget to turn off the hose, or over-water your lawn. When a sprinkler system is installed properly for you, these possibilities become a thing of the past.

A home’s value is significantly enhanced by a good exterior appearance. Having a lush, green lawn and a flourishing garden gives your home a healthy and well-maintained look. Sprinkler systems can last more than ten years, if regularly serviced and maintained, and they can add years to the life of your lawn and gardens.

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