Landscape Lighting: Accenting Your Commercial Facility

Outdoor lighting can be the difference between a boring, dark storefront and an aesthetically appealing, eye-catching storefront. And which one do you think will be better for business?

Outdoor commercial lighting should accent the unique features of both your landscape and your facility. This type of lighting should blend the individual aspects of your storefront and landscape – statues, flowers, ponds, signage, architectural aspects – in a universal way that still ties into the message you want to convey to your consumers. Outdoor lighting in commercial landscape lights should compliment your facility and enhance its curb appeal simultaneously. The best way to accomplish this is to use high voltage and low voltage outdoor lights to create four layers of illumination.

•     Low profile, low-voltage outdoor lights can be installed in a variety of unique places throughout your facility’s landscape, creating the illusion of bioluminosity and producing a remarkable interplay of light and shadow.

•     High-voltage outdoor landscape lights can be added to provide additional layers of focused light around larger ornamental structures, earthworks, art, and waterworks.

The right commercial lighting requires careful planning and photometric analysis. This often requires a mix of outdoor lighting expertise and landscaping methodology. Luckily for you, TLC Incorporated specializes in both!

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For more than 20 years, TLC, Inc has specialized in the planning, installation and maintenance of high-quality commercial and residential Lawn Sprinklers and Irrigation Systems, Lawn Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, and Holiday Lighting.

TLC also designs and installs outdoor, decorative and security lighting for lawns, gardens, pools, hot tubs, decks, and walkways – you name it and they’ll make it a feature that will add beauty (and value) to any home or business.

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Outdoor Landscape Lights Add Accent to Commercial Exteriors

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