Landscape Lighting System Service Agreements Pay Multiple Dividends

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You’ve made the decision – you’re going to have a landscape lighting system installed. Wise move! It’s a decision that will enhance the quality of your family’s life. It will make them safer and more secure. And it will increase the value of your home.

But you can build upon the benefits of your landscape lighting system by making one more wise decision: entering into a service agreement for your system.

Lots of Things Can Go Wrong…

Just like any other complex system, landscape lighting systems require regular inspections and maintenance to keep in tip-top shape. Having a professional inspect your system on a regular basis can reveal problems that may otherwise go unnoticed:

• Lamps that have failed, or bulbs that have diminished in intensity
• Fixtures that have become dirty or have become covered with vegetation
• Wiring that has become exposed and is susceptible to damage, or that may present an injury risk to pets
• Focus and angling of fixtures that need to be reset to optimum positioning to achieve the full effect of the original design

It’s even possible for an electrical line in your system to be cut without your knowledge. It happens regularly through routine landscape maintenance.

But if that happens, we’ll be able to detect the problem during one of our regularly scheduled service agreement inspections. We can do that by measuring the amount of electricity your system is using, and comparing that to when your system was first put into service.

A Service Agreement Offers Peace-of-Mind

Most of us have plenty going on in our daily lives. And few of us have the time or desire to be faced with problems that we just simply don’t have the expertise to handle properly.

That’s why service agreements – whether for landscape lighting, cars, or anything else – are so beneficial.

Service agreements offer the peace-of-mind of knowing that something that we need and depend upon will be kept in perfect shape – and we don’t have to lift a finger in the process.

Your landscape lighting service agreement will allow you to enjoy the many benefits of your system, but with none of the headaches of maintaining the system. And that will make your system all the more enjoyable.

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