Lawn Care Tips: Lawn Sprinklers / Irrigation Systems and Greener Grass

The secret to any aesthetically pleasing landscape isn’t really a secret at all. It is gorgeous green grass. Achieving such as luscious lawn, however, is not as straight forward.

So how do you keep your lawn looking lively and your grass growing green?

Lawn Sprinklers!

A lawn sprinkler system ensures that every inch of your lawn receives the appropriate amount of water, keeping your grass as green as possible. But what type of sprinkler is best for your landscape?

The five major type of lawn sprinklers are:

  1. Impulse Sprinklers: With a single water outlet, these sprinklers can cover a large area in a circular pattern. These are the types of sprinklers you typically see on golf courses.
  2. Oscillating Sprinklers: These types of sprinklers have several jets and spray water in a rectangular pattern. This type of sprinkler may be a good choice for newly seeded lawns as it has a gentle spray.
  3. Rotary Sprinklers: These sprinklers have at least two arms that have water jets on either end. Unlike the first two sprinkler options, Rotary Sprinklers cover a small radius and are suggested for smaller lawns.
  4. Stationary Sprinklers: Stationary sprinklers are the least expensive and spray in a uneven circular pattern. These are not recommended for larger yards.
  5. Traveling Sprinklers: Traveling sprinklers hoses have two arms that rotate and spray water in a circular pattern. These sprinklers are ideal for easy and efficient watering of landscape areas with flowers, shrubs, bushes, or small trees.

Choosing the Best Lawn Sprinkler System

The right sprinkler will depend on the size of your lawn, the layout of your landscape, and the type of soil you have. In order to select the best sprinkler system for your yard, consult a landscaping or lawn irrigation expert, like TLC Incorporated.

If you have any questions about Lawn Sprinkler Systems, contact TLC Incorporated by calling 888-742-5852 or click here today!

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Easily Improve The Look Of Your Home By Maintaining a Beautiful Lawn With a Lawn Sprinkler System

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