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Lighten up (your pool or spa)

Lighting may not be the first thing you think about when it comes to installing a pool or hot tub, but it won’t take long before you realize how much it’s needed.  All it takes is spending some time by it after the sun goes down.  You need lighting in and around your pool or hot tub and here’s why.


We’ve seen enough rules and warning signs around public pools to know they can be dangerous places.  Many of the same hazards can exist at home.  Lighting around the pool deck can help you avoid slips and falls on wet surfaces and help you keep an eye on the kids while they’re playing.  Also, when you’re climbing out of a hot tub, it’s always nice to see where you’re stepping.


Maybe you put in a pool to give the kids something to do during the day, but that doesn’t mean the pool is useless at night.  It can provide a light, relaxing setting to enjoy cocktails or after-dinner drinks with guests.  Even if no one jumps in, there’s just something about sitting poolside that calms the soul and soothes worries, but not if you and your guests can’t see each other or the pool.


A hot tub is a great place to relax and unwind, but a harsh security floodlight or pitch darkness can kill a tub’s calming mood.  By the same token, the right accent lighting around the hot tub can enhance the experience, making the tub even more restful.

There’s such a wide variety of options for lighting your pool or hot tub area, you can set it up for any occasion inexpensively.  Contact us to learn how we can make your pool or hot tub a safe, inviting area for outdoor living after dark.

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