Lighting options for the holidays

Many clients who come to us seeking professional holiday light installation are not fully aware of many different types of lights available out there. They want to use the lights they already own – which is just fine by us and a perfect way to proceed – but are often intrigued by their other options. This article reviews some of those options, and we’ve summarized them here.

  • LED lights. These lights last longer and use less energy than conventional bulbs. Also the string will stay lit even if one burns out.
  • Rope lights. These are strings of lights encased in plastic tubing and are great for outlining objects such as doors, windows, and railings. The lights can either reamain static or chase each other.
  • Net lights. More than a single string, these lights are attached to a web-like framework that can be easily draped over bushes and shrubs. They save you the time and effort of going back and forth across the bushes with multiple strings.

If you like these ideas or are looking for more, contact us. We can help you design and install your holiday light display.

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