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More outdoor holiday light safety

This page offers some more safety tips you need to follow in order to enjoy your outdoor Christmas lights.  Please keep these in mind as you decorate over the holidays.

  • All outdoor lights should be plugged into a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet.  These outlets are like the ones in your bathroom with “Test” and “Reset” buttons.
  • If you use extension cords, they should specifically be for outdoor use like the lights.
  • Do not string lights on trees that contact or are near power lines.
  • Orient the lights so that the sockets point down and won’t collect water.
  • If you need to change bulbs, unplug the lights first.

We want you to have a safe holiday season, and if you want to guarantee a safe and attractive light display on your house, contact us. We can professionally install your display without any hassle or hazards for you.

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