Motion Activated Sprinklers

Do you have a problem with pests in your yard, ruining your garden and doing their business in your yard? If only there was a safe, humane way to protect your lawn. Well, you are in luck.

What you need is a motion-activated sprinkler system. Cats, deer, squirrels, rabbits, and other animals hate nothing more than an unexpected shower.

The motion-activated sprinkler detects movement in your yard and then automatically starts your sprinkler system, repelling unwanted pests. The movement, noise and spray scares the animals away and teaches them to stay away from this area from then on.

This is an easy home improvement project with a tremendous benefit.  The motion sensor sprinkler attaches directly to your garden hose and is then set in the ground. You then just have to turn the water and the unit on and wait. This sprinkler can operate up to 6 months on a single nine-volt battery.

A motion-activated sprinkler system is an efficient, cost-effective way to rid your property of unwanted animals, while protecting your garden, vegetables, flowers, fruit, etc.

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Motion Activated Sprinklers

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