Professionally Designed Landscaping Lighting

You have spent thousand of dollars landscaping your yard. But there is just one problem; your landscape looks amazing during the day, but it vanishes into obscurity at night. Well, you can fix all that with a few professionally installed landscape lights. After all, doesn’t it make sense to make the most of that investment?

Pathway Lighting: These lights not only illuminate your landscape, brining aesthetic appeal to your yard at night, but they also improve the safety of your property.

Moon Lighting: Are you looking for a more natural look and feel? Well, you can accomplish this with low-voltage fixtures placed high up in your trees. Then aim the lights down so that the beams filter through the tree’s branches and leaves, softly illuminating the ground below. This is called “moon lighting.”

Uplighting: This lighting technique is perfect if you are looking to give your landscape a more dramatic look. Place a light at the base of a tree, statue, or other landscape feature, point it upwards and watch as your landscape transforms.

Accent Lighting: Far less dramatic than uplighting, accent lighting aims to highlight specific focal points within your landscape design.

Light Your Home, Too: Don’t forget about your home! Consider flanking your front door with wall sconces or positioning lights on either side of your garage door. You can also consider installing motion-activated flood lights for security purposes.

LED String Lights: Wrap the rails of your deck or the pole of your umbrella with a string of LED bulbs to add a nice illuminating element to your next party.

Have fun with this and make the most of your landscape design.

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Landscape Lighting Ideas


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