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Not Sure About Your Lawn Sprinkler System? 
Let Us Figure Out Exactly What’s Going On…And Give You A FREE Estimate To Get You Back Up And Running!

(Plus, we DO fix existing systems if that’s the best value for you!)

Do you have a lawn sprinkler system that you’re just not sure about?

Are you wanting an expert set of eyes take a peek at the components of your system before you decide to put money or time into getting it back up and running?

How would you like your yard to be green, dry, and a spot your family can enjoy to the fullest…without having to drag a hose ever again?

Wouldn’t it be great for you to weigh out all of your options, instead of having a company come in and tell you the only thing you can do is get a new system?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, make sure to read this entire page…

TLC has over 38 years servicing the Washington/Baltimore area, and our “Best In Industry”, trustworthy, trained & certified team is ready to take care of your getting your sprinkler system back up and running, once and for all…without you lifting a finger.

Unlike other companies, we’ll evaluate your existing system and go over ALL of your options…including repairing or doing maintenance on your existing system, as opposed to ONLY selling you on a new one, if it makes more sense for you.

With our decades of servicing, fixing, and installing thousands of lawn sprinkler systems…we’ve assembled the “dream team” to get you back up and running.

…all withOUT giving you an ultimatum to buy a new system. (We can modify, repair, or otherwise work with your existing system if it makes more sense for you)

Fill out the form to the right or call (301)-939-0208 to claim your no-obligation, FREE Sprinkler System Evaluation & Estimate.

Our team will come to your home and assess your unique situation, then create a custom-designed Sprinkler System Evaluation & Estimate for your yard…at NO cost to you…so you can see exactly what taking back control of your yard will cost, BEFORE you buy it!

*Disclaimer: we normally charge $275 for this offer but are running a promotion and have limited spots available. So, please do not wait and call or fill out the form right now.

We’ll discreetly come to your home and quickly put together your Sprinkler System Evaluation & Estimate, that will NOT:

  • Be something that’s scheduled 3 months from now…we have systems in stock and can get your system repaired or installed within 7-14 days
  • Require you to do anything other than give us access to your yard (we’ll call utilities to get markers and will measure everything)
  • Be one of those things that didn’t make enough of a difference to justify the investment (you’ll see this will completely transform your yard)
  • Cost you tens of thousands of dollars if you’d like to proceed with our services (we’ll take care of you and are always fair!)

Rather than messing around with dragging hoses…or hiring hit-or-miss contractors to force the only option of an entirely new system, then finding out you’ve wasted a ton of money…claiming your FREE Sprinkler System Evaluation & Estimate from TLC just makes more sense, doesn’t it?

By the way, we’ve heard of nightmare stories where jobs done by other companies who cut some corners and weren’t done properly…they ended up with a new system that was even worse than the existing one.

Probably not a good idea, huh?

Compare that with our customers reporting having green, luscious lawns that they and their families enjoy for years and years…using a system that they’re totally comfortable with.

Plus…You have the option of upgrading to a 3, 5, or 7-Year Parts & Labor Warranty! …so rest assured our team will come out and fix any issues you may face over the duration of your warranty, for free.

Most companies won’t touch a system they didn’t install.

We’ll not only help you out with it, but we’ll also even warranty it if you’d like to upgrade to that for the peace of mind it provides.

You can’t beat this deal.

The only problem you’ll have is figuring out what you’ll do with all the extra time you’ll save by not having to drag hoses around to have your green, beautiful lawn!

The process is this simple (your next steps):

  1. Fill out the form to the right or call (301)-939-0208 to claim your FREE Sprinkler System Evaluation & Estimate
  2. We’ll set a date and our team will come out to make our assessment and create your no-obligation estimate
  3. You’ll get to chat with your spouse and talk it over before making a decision (we don’t use pressure tactics)
  4. We’ll answer your questions and if you’d like to proceed with us to maximize your yard’s beauty with almost no work…we’ll get it scheduled for service within 7-14 days!

Not so bad, huh?

If all this did was get your sprinkler system back up and running and create a beautiful yard that you don’t have to lift a finger to upkeep…that’s worth it.

Go ahead and call us at (301)-939-0208 and mention you’d like your FREE Sprinkler System Evaluation & Estimate.

My team and I look forward to working with you!


Bob Carr


TLC Incorporated

PS! Please don’t wait to get your complimentary Sprinkler System Evaluation & Estimate scheduled. We are often booked and do not always have the capacity to work with everyone that inquires. Quality over quantity is our motto, which you’ll see for yourself very soon!

PPS! Having a sprinkler system professionally serviced is known to improve the curb appeal and look of your home, which raises its value. Poorly installed, cheap systems are known to cause issues for not just the homeowner, but also their neighbors and the city. We’re happy to answer all of your questions along the way.