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The Benefits of Lawn Irrigation

Any good homeowner knows that the key to a beautiful lawn is daily watering. But let’s face it; we do not always have the time in our busy schedules to give our grass the tender love and care it deserves, One way to get around this is to install a lawn irrigation system.

This article from WizardNote.com explains the many benefits of proper lawn irrigation.

  1. Money in the Bank: Timed water usage is far more economical than watering your lawn yourself. With a timed irrigation system you will save money on your monthly utility bill.
  2. Plant Growth: Photosynthesis requires water to perpetuate the process and water molecules assist in strengthening the cellular structure of every blade of grass. When properly watered, grass can grow in lush profusion, but when neglected and water starved it only manages sparse, spindly growth that is easily invaded by unwanted weeds
  3. Convenience: All you have to do is set the timer and then go about your day.
  4. Liquid Fertilizer/Pesticide: A great innovation that has been incorporated into these systems is a unit for adding liquid fertilizer or pesticides during irrigation, allowing for even distribution.
  5. Durability: These systems are designed to last.
  6. Property Value: Not only will a lush lawn and a gorgeous garden add to the overall aesthetic value of your property, but an irrigation system can also add to your property value.

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