Time to Seed?

Yes… it is hard to believe but that time of year is upon us. Time to re-seed our lawns.

The best 40 days of the year to seed will start on August 19th this year and will run up to the first of October.

Does your lawn look like it needs some help? We are in the midst of the hottest & humid times of the year and it is very hard on turf grass this time of year.

Most lawns have at least one of the following problems this time of year: insect, disease or excess of thatch build up.

If the lawn is a mess I like to start with a good dethatching, which allows fertilizer and water to get to the roots. Thatch is the material that builds up between the green grass and the soil surface. When this layer gets to more than one inch it needs to be removed with vertically rotating blades that brings it to the surface. Then it is just some backbreaking work of raking it all up and bagging all the decomposed grass stems and roots. Worth every drop of sweat… when you see the end result in a couple of weeks.

Need help with this? … give me a call.


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