Tips on Outdoor Deck & Patio Lighting

With the popularity of outdoor living spaces on the rise, patios and decks are seeing increased usage – usage that is not relegated to just the daytime hours. With their increased roles comes the need for permanent outdoor lighting.

This article from provides several tips for patio and deck lighting.

The best part about any outdoor living space is…well, its outdoors. The last thing you want to do is to detract from the natural light of the moon and stars by over saturating your patio/deck with too much artificial light. The very best outdoor lighting design will include the stairs (for obvious safety reasons), the edges of the deck or patio and railings, as well as a larger overhead fixture.

You want your lighting to accent the features of your home while providing enough light to safely navigate your outdoor living space at night. These lights should be incorporated into the deck or patio – mounted on the side of your home or attached to railings and overhangs – as best you can without taking away from the beauty of the architecture.

Here are a few more great ways to increase the usage of your deck or patio:

•      Install a few outdoor heaters

•      Install a ceiling fan in your gazebo or under your pergola

These electrical projects are simple yet essential for a truly cozy outdoor living space and will help you maximize the usage of your deck or patio.

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