Types of Sprinklers

Choosing the Perfect Sprinkler for Your Lawn Needs

Are you in need of a sprinkler but unsure of which one best fits your needs? The five most popular systems are oscillating, rotary, stationary, timer and traveling.

Oscillator: This type of sprinkler can be used for large to small sized lawns. The metal base is installed directly into your lawn and waters the area in a back and forth pattern.

Rotary: Used mostly for medium to small lawns, the rotary sprinkler system comes equipped with two to three watering arms working in a spinning pattern to cover the area of your lawn.

Stationary: This is the most common form of sprinkler system and is best used only for small lawns or gardens. There are no rotation or oscillation features but contains full or half circle rings for different watering patterns.

Timers: The timer system can be set up so your sprinkler takes care of your lawn even when you are not there. Timers can be set to run seasonally, daily or when rain has been infrequent.

Traveling: This self propelled sprinkling system is best for large or irregular areas of space. It is easily detachable and works similarly the rotary system described above.

Regardless of which system you choose to go with; any sprinkler beats out watering your lawn manually any given day. Let the experts at TLC Incorporated help you find what type of sprinkler or sprinkler system best fits your needs

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