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Water is a commodity that we’re probably all guilty of taking for granted. And that’s understandable. After all, for most of us water has been readily available all of our lives. Whenever we need water, we simply turn a knob and there it is – flowing clean and strong for as long as we want.

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But water is not so freely available everywhere. And it may not always be so here.

A Looming Crisis?

CBS news recently quoted an expert as stating: “Water is overtaking oil as our scarcest natural resource in the world.” And most hydrologists agree that the United States faces a growing demand for water that is likely to outstrip supply. More than two-thirds of U.S. states anticipate significant water shortages in just the next couple of years.

It’s not only the dry and dusty western states that are at risk. Areas that aren’t typically thought of as drought-prone are also facing a water shortage crisis: Florida, for example, and much of the eastern seaboard.

When viewed from a broad perspective, it’s quite clear that conserving water isn’t just about shaving a few pennies from your water bill.

Your Automated Sprinkler System Can Be a Marvelous Tool of Conservation

Lawns are thirsty critters. Each thousand square feet of your lawn – an area of only 20 feet by 50 feet – requires more than 600 gallons of water every week to remain green and healthy.

That’s a lot of water.

And while your freedom to water your lawn as needed is not yet endangered – at least not on a permanent basis in most areas – voluntary conservation is a good idea. A noble goal.

Your automated lawn sprinkler system can be a very effective tool in implementing that noble goal. In fact, it’s been estimated that 850 billion gallons of wasted water is flushed into sewage systems every single year just from poorly managed lawn watering. That’s enough water to supply the yearly needs of more than 230 million people!

But that’s a trending tide that you can help to turn with your automated system. That’s because your system allows you to control with great precision the amount and timing of waterings. You can give your lawn every bit of water that it needs.

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