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3 watering myths refuted

There’s lots of misinformation and misunderstanding out there when it comes to watering your lawn, and we’d like to correct some of it.  You don’t have to take our word for it either.  The town of Chandler, Ariz., which knows something about maintaining lawns in dry, hot climates, has put together this myth-busting list.

Myth 1:  Shorter grass requires less water.
Shorter grass can’t shade itself from the sun, so it actually requires more water than longer blades.  It’s best to keep your grass length to 3 inches or more.

Myth 2:  Healthy lawns require daily watering.
Frequent watering keeps water close to the surface and grass responds with shallow roots that won’t let it survive when stressed.  Aim for one inch of water a week to encourage deeper root growth and a healthier lawn.

Myth 3:  High, misting sprays are best for healthy grass and conserving water.
Large water drops sprayed low to the ground are the best for avoiding evaporation.  Automatic sprinkler systems are best for delivering this type of irrigation.  In addition, automatic systems can monitor your soil conditions and adjust their timing to avoid over or under watering.

If you want the best setup to maintain a healthy lawn and conserve water, contact us to learn more about sprinkler system options.  We’ll work with you to choose an appropriate system and design it to give you the best lawn possible.

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