5 Steps to Fix Dead Spots in Your Lawn

We do our best to keep our lawns looking as lush as possible. We water the grass, sprinkle some fertilizer around every now and then, but it is still not enough. No matter what we try to do, we are always left with a few dead spots, which do not seem to go away on their own. This is because as grass dies, it doesn’t decay fast enough for new grass to regrow naturally, meaning you’ll have dead grass blocking the dirt below, inhibiting grass from growing.

But there is hope.

This article from AssociatedContent.com gives readers five simple steps to fix dead spots in their lawns.

The process is a lot easier than you may think. It only takes about five minutes the first day and two minutes each subsequent day (for two weeks) to repair any dead or dying patches in your yard.

  1. Remove as much of the dead grass as possible: If the grass is dead enough, you can simply remove it with a rake. Other times you may need to use a shovel. Either way, you are going to want to reveal as much of the underlying dirt as possible.
  2. Spread some grass seed: Simple enough, right? Well, if you do not already have grass seed, you may want to take a bit of healthy grass to your local Home Depot (or equivalent) and have them match the grass as close as possible. The last thing you want is to have two different color grasses in your lawn. That may look just as bad as having a few dead portions of grass.
  3. Cover the dead area: Sprinkle grass seed until you can no longer see the dirt. Too much seed is far better than too little seed. So go crazy.
  4. Time to get dirty: Cover the seed with about a half an inch of dirt. You don’t want too much, just enough to fully cover the seeds until you can no longer see them. Then water lightly.
  5. Watering: You are going to want to water up to five times per day. Water more in hotter climates. If the dirt is dry, it is time for more water.

If you follow these simple steps, you will be well on your way to a healthy lawn. If you have any questions, contact TLC Incorporated by calling 888-742-5852 or click here today!

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