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A Few More Outdoor Lighting Options

The right outdoor lighting has a bigger purpose than just safety; it can make all the difference in your yard’s appearance. A well-positioned lamp or spotlight can accent the various features of your property in such a way that they enhance the overall aesthetic value of your home. Lighting can be just as important as any other decorative aspect of your yard – landscaping, hardscaping, etc.

This article from directory M provides a few outdoor lighting options.

Lantern/Wall Mounted fixtures

These should be used at your exterior doors to not only provide safety and security, but also accent your beautiful entranceways. Lanterns are best hung just above eye level or at least 66″ from the ground.

Ceiling Mounted fixtures

An excellent option for entrances with a porch to help more adequately light the area.

Post Mounted fixtures

These add a great aesthetic value to your yard while providing light around your driveway of walkway. Posts come in a variety of colors and generally need to be purchased separately from the light fixture.

Hanging Fixtures

If you are looking for the perfect lighting option for your porch, patio, or other covered outdoor area, look no further. Hanging fixtures – like outdoor chandeliers – have become wildly popular. In order to insure adequate safety for taller guests and good distance from a swinging door be sure to hang the fixture high enough (84″ from the floor is a general guideline).

Accent lighting

Comes in many designs including down light, flood light, mini-accent and well lighting. Accent lighting highlights landscaping, trees, architecture and more.

Deck lighting – step and rail

Step lighting increases safety while railing lighting adds not only safety, but also a certain ambiance to your deck.

Garden lighting

Lights used to illuminate your garden at night are a great way to increase the aesthetic value of your home while increasing the decorative usefulness of your garden. After all, you still want to be able to enjoy your garden at night, right?

Path lighting

Highlights walkways through your yard, adding safety and beauty. A “Spread light” style is used to define the edges of a path where the grass or garden meets the walkway. Bollard lighting is taller and used to mark an entrance or path.

A few perfectly placed exterior lights can greatly increase your home’s curb appeal.  If you have any questions, contact TLC Incorporated by calling 888-742-5852 or click here today!

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