Pool and Patio Lighting Tips

It’s a beautiful night out and all you want to do is take a dip in your pool, but you can’t. Why? Well, because it is just too dark outside. Swimming at night can be very dangerous without the proper lighting. So what can you do?

This article from HomeAndGardenIdeas.com provides a few handy pool lighting tips for your yard.

Pool lights come in many forms. You can get lights that go inside your pool, overhead, or all around your landscape (or you could go with some sort of combination). But with so many choices, where should you begin?

Often, the best place to start is your patio or other outdoor living space. Basically take the area of your yard where you plan to spend the most time when you are not swimming and adequately light that area.  The walkway from the patio/deck to the pool can also be lit up so you can see how to get from the house to the pool with ease. Lighting can be integrated into the surrounding landscape; tall trees and even the pool fencing can serve as point of light.

Now that you have illuminated your landscape, it is time to focus on your pool. This will not only add extra safety to your pool, but will add to the aesthetic value of your yard as well. Pool lighting options include:

•     Standard above ground pool lights that attach themselves firmly to the sides of the pool. These are used for those above ground pools and flashy decks. Although they aren’t large they will illuminate the pool enough for a cozy nighttime swim.

•     Floating swimming pool lights for both above and in-ground pools. These come in numerous designs.

•     Underwater pool lights. These truly make the pool look especially inviting.

•     Floating fountains.

Pool lighting is a great way to increase your swim time and maximize your pool’s value.  If you have any questions, contact TLC Incorporated by calling 888-742-5852 or click here today!

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