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Christmas light storage

If you haven’t already started taking down your holiday lights, you probably will do so during the next couple weeks. This page offers some helpful hints for storing them easily so they’ll be ready for next year.

An easy and effective method for storing lights is to wrap them around a core, similar to the plastic cores around which heavy-duty extension cords are wrapped.  You don’t have to purchase one of these cores and can make them yourself out of wrapping paper tubes or cardboard squares or rectangles.  The secret is cutting a slit in either end of the cardboard.  One end of the string of lights goes into one slit, and you wrap the light around the length of the core before sliding the other end of the string through the other slit.  After that, place each string of lights into a plastic bag and store them away.

Remember that lights are designed for 90 total days of use, so you should replace your lights every three seasons or so.  If you need help taking down your Christmas lights, contact us. We’re happy to help take them down whether we put them up or not.

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