Outdoor solar lighting basics

More and more homeowners are choosing solar lights for their outdoor lighting. Their easy installation, minimal maintenance, and ability to provide free electricity make them very popular. We’ve already discussed how they don’t need wires run to them. We’ve also talked about how their light level is dimmer than normal electric lights. This page offers another thing to consider.

Solar lights are only as good as the energy their batteries collect and store. Solar panels that don’t get enough sunlight during the day won’t be able to power lights at night. Insufficient power may also decrease battery life. Homeowners also need to periodically check the panels to keep them free from dirt, leaves, or bird droppings that may block the sun.

So if the area you need to light is out in the open, then solar lights will work for you. If your home gets a lot of shade, you may need to consider alternatives. To look at all your options, contact us.

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