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Designing a Lawn Irrigation System

Designing a lawn irrigation system can be a daunting task. Several factors need to be taken into consideration before you even begin to think about installing anything.

This article outlines everything you need to know before you get started.

First, make sure to measure the total area you are planning to work with. Inaccurate measurements can completely screw up all future installation – so measure twice to ensure you have the right dimensions.

The next thing you need to account for is the water pressure. In order to get the proper rain effect, you will need the correct PSI. It is best to call your water company to know your PSI levels. If the levels are in the range of 65 PSI, it is better to use pressure-reducing valves in order to safeguard the sprinklers.

The GPM factor, which refers to the maximum flow of water available to the sprinkler system, is also vital. PSI and GPM need to be taken into account before any further planning is underway.

You should also pay particular attention to elevation. If water needs to flow from a lower elevation to a higher elevation, it will probably lose pressure. So take this into account when designing your irrigation system.

But in the end, it is best to leave the deign work to the professionals to ensure that you have the best possible irrigation system. So call TLC Incorporated for all of your irrigation needs by calling 888-742-5852 or click here today!

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