Does Your City Offer a Smart-Sprinkler Rebate?

Smart sprinkler systems like TLC’s Hydrawise are revolutionizing modern landscape irrigation technology.


That may seem like an overstatement.

But in fact, the new controllers that are used to make irrigation systems ‘smart’ really do provide some revolutionary, never-before-available benefits to homeowners and landscape managers.

The Impact of Cutting-Edge Controllers

The benefits offered by smart sprinkler controllers are really quite impressive. Hydrawise, for example, offers these capabilities:

  • Touchscreen Control: Hydrawise provides an easy-to-use touchscreen for control, just like your smart phone or an Ipad.
  • System Alerts: If a problem develops with your irrigation system, Hydrawise detects it immediately and reports it to you. You won’t have to rely upon wilting plants or floods of water to be your first indications of a problem!
  • Water Savings: Hydrawise can save you lots of water – an average of 50% compared to fixed-schedule controllers. The water savings are great for both the environment and your wallet.
  • Comprehensive Reports: Want to see your watering records for the last day, week, or month? Want a report that displays forecast temperature, precipitation, and wind gusts? These reports and many more are available.
  • Easy Retrofit: A TLC crew can easily retrofit Hydrawise to your existing system. No extra hardware is needed; no rip-and-replace overhauls are necessary.

The EPA Is A Proponent of Smart Sprinklers

The Environmental Protection Agency is a huge proponent of the new smart sprinkler controllers.

According to the EPA, residential outdoor water use in America consumes an average of more than 9 billion gallons of water every single day. And it’s estimated that roughly half of that water is just wasted as a result of irrigation inefficiencies.

That’s nearly 5 billion gallons of water wasted every single day! And the EPA is pushing smart sprinkler systems as a way to help eliminate that waste.

In a world with ever-diminishing supplies of potable water, the potential of smart sprinkler technology to help drought-devastated areas like California are nearly incalculable. But from the perspective of homeowners, the EPA estimates that smart sprinkler systems can help save nearly half a billion dollars annually in water costs.

Be Paid to Play

The benefits of smart sprinkler technology are so important that many municipalities now offer substantial rebates to homeowners that install smart sprinkler systems.


If your municipality offers such a rebate, in effect you can be paid to enjoy all of the money-saving, water-saving benefits of a smart sprinkler system. You can be paid to enjoy the conveniences of smart sprinkler systems. You can be paid to have a healthier landscape because of the plant-friendly benefits of smart sprinklers.

That’s a pretty good deal!

In some municipalities the rebates are quite substantial – in many cases as much as 100%. If you want to find out whether rebates are available in your area, this page provided by the EPA is a great starting point.

And just remember: even if you can’t get rebates from the government for your smart sprinkler system, you’ll get de facto rebates year after year after year from your system, all resulting from the savings realized through increased efficiencies and healthier plants.

That, quite simply, is why installing a smart sprinkler system is so smart – rebates or not!

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