Why is your sprinkler system still so dumb?

I was thinking recently about all of the ‘smart’ things available to us these days. Things that weren’t available only a few years ago. Things most of us wouldn’t even have dreamt of a few years ago.Think about it. Thanks to modern technology, we now have smart phones. We have smart cars. We have smart homes. We have smart TVs. We even have smart watches.

But most of us still have D-U-M-B sprinklers. YOU have dumb sprinklers! I don’t mean to insult you. It’s not your fault. After all, you haven’t had much choice.

Until now. Finally, the full benefits of modern technology have come to sprinkler systems.

TLC Introduces Hydrawise: The Smart Sprinkler SystemImagine this scenario: You’re on vacation, a thousand miles from home. But you’re worried about your lawn.


Because you can see from national weather reports that they’re getting a ton of rain back home. Or maybe no rain.

Either way, it’s not good for your lawn. And you’re worried about what you’re going to find when you get home. Unless you have a Hydrawise smart sprinkler system.

Because Hydrawise lets you monitor, configure, and manage your system from anywhere in the world. You can do all those things just using your phone. And you can also monitor the weather at home using the Hydrawise app.

Of course, you don’t have to be away on vacation to enjoy that feature. Maybe you’re stuck at work when there’s an unexpected downpour. Just pull out your phone, and within seconds cancel the afternoon’s scheduled watering.Hydrawise Provides an Amazing Array of Benefits to TLC Customers

The Hydrawise smart sprinkler system offers a truly astounding array of benefits. That’s why we are so excited to partner with Hydrawise. Just some of the additional benefits include:

  • Touchscreen Control: Hydrawise provides an easy-to-use touchscreen for control, just like your smart phone or an Ipad.
  • System Alerts: If a problem develops with your irrigation system, Hydrawisedetects it immediately and reports it to you. No longer will dead plants or huge puddles of water be your first indications of a problem!
  • Water Savings: Hydrawise can save you lots of water – an average of 50% compared to fixed-schedule controllers. The water savings are so impressive that dozens of water authorities in drought-devastated California now offer significant rebates for installing Hydrawise.
  • Comprehensive Reports: Want to see your watering records for the last day, week, or month? Want a report that displays forecast temperature, precipitation, and wind gusts? These reports and many more are available.
  • Easy Retrofit: A TLC crew can easily retrofit Hydrawise to your existing system. No extra hardware is needed; no rip-and-replace overhauls are necessary.

We’re Partnering with Hydrawise to Make Smart Sprinklers Available for TLC Customers

I’m proud to announce that TLC now offers Hydrawise controllers both for new systems and for retrofit to existing systems. We think it’s about time that our customers had access to a SMART irrigation system.

So from this point forward, if you’re living with a D-U-M-B irrigation system…well, that’s your choice!

P.S. I predict the following will floor you…

If you want, you can turn over control of your irrigation system entirely to TLC. That’s because we can setup Hydrawise to use local weather stations and forecasts to automatically adjust your watering schedule as needed. It can pull information from more than 100,000 weather stations!

And it doesn’t just use predicted rainfall to adjust watering. It also uses the amount of sunlight and how hot the day is – the same decision factors you’d use when standing in your own yard.

Isn’t that amazing? That’s a S-M-A-R-T irrigation system! And we have yours in stock, ready to install. Just call Linda or Carolyn at 410-721-2342!

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