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Lawn Irrigation

How Do Lawns Benefit from Lawn Irrigation?

Inadequate or irregular watering can actual impair a lawn’s root system, causing parts of the lawn to die and/or allowing weeds to infiltrate your carefully created greenscape.  The truth is that no matter how hard you try to take care of watering your lawn manually, even with a sprinkler and help from mother nature, you simply can’t provide the same kind of consistent deep root watering that an effective lawn irrigation system can.

Installing an irrigation system makes more sense than you may think.  Not only is an irrigation system a great time-saver, it will save both you and your lawn some serious stress. Just think of it as your newest stress-buster. And if that’s not enough reason to consider a lawn irrigation system, consider these top five benefits:

Top 5 Irrigation System Benefits

  1. 1. Irrigation Systems Save Water. It may seem impossible, but the truth is that using an irrigation system to water your lawn will actually use less water than traditional hoses and sprinklers.
  2. 2. Irrigation Systems Save You Money. Again, hard as it may be to believe, you will find that an effective irrigation system can actually be very affordable.  For as little as $300 a year, you can install a system that will save you costly lawn treatments, reseeding and re-soding.  And as an added benefit, your neighbors may THINK you spent a lot of money.
  3. 3. Irrigation Systems Save You Time. Imagine not having to remember to turn on or off the manual sprinkler.  Think of the time and energy you will save if you don’t have to struggle with pulling the hose out and then putting it back. Having an irrigation system installed will enable you to spend less time working on your lawn and more time enjoying it.
  4. Irrigation Systems Prepare Grass for Times of Drought. I know, you’re thinking this is the craziest idea yet – but it’s true.  A healthy lawn, that has been watered deeply and regularly, will have an established root system.  A strong root system will enable the lawn to survive for months without water, if necessary.  Even if it appears to be dying, a healthy lawn will be able to bounce back to full health once proper irrigation is started again.

Irrigation Systems Prepare Grass for Winter. Now that you understand the importance of a healthy root system, this one will probably make a lot more sense to you.  Remember, the key to a healthy lawn is to make certain that it is watered deeply and regularly. Then, with a well- established root system, the lawn will be strong enough to survive the coldest and harshest winter, and it will be primed to bounce back healthier than ever in the spring.

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