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Why Should You Get Your Sprinkler System Maintained / Checked?

Why You Need Your Lawn Sprinkler System Serviced

Remember Murphy’s Law?  If something can go wrong, it will. Well, there is a qualification: unless you take steps to prevent it. That’s where regular maintenance comes in.

Once you have had a lawn sprinkler system installed, it may seem that you can simply forget about it and reap the benefits. Unfortunately, you may be risking major problems if you don’t have your system checked regularly. There are a number of common lawn sprinkler problems that are only minor matters – if you catch them early.

  1. Automatic Timer. Your lawn sprinkler system has an automatic timer that controls when to turn the water on and off, and how long your yard is watered. Like many clocks, it is electrical. If you find that your timer is not working properly, it likely needs only a minor adjustment. But it could indicate an electrical problem. A professional can quickly identify the issues and get your lawn sprinkler system back in working order before you run into serious problems.
  2. Frozen Pipes. Your lawn sprinkler system has a number of pipes that are interconnected. These pipes run both aboveground and below the ground. In winter, there is the possibility that these pipes can freeze. Frozen pipes often burst, not only requiring you to replace them, but often causing extensive water damage if the temperature rises before you realize that the pipe has burst. Regular pre-winter maintenance can often save you from potential problems. Depending on your system, you may need to have your pipes drained or there may be a bypass switch that needs to be activated for the winter months.
  3. Blocked Sprinkler Heads. Your lawn sprinkler system relies on individual sprinkler heads to provide an even flow of water to your lawn or garden. If you fail to have your system regularly cleaned and inspected, you may find that one or more of those sprinkler heads will stop working efficiently – or at all. Generally, the problem is a simple blockage that can easily be cleared. However, if the problem is not prevented or quickly diagnosed, then water could back up and potentially lead to an underground leak and/or system damage. This leads to wasted water and potential replacement and repair costs.
  4. Underground Leaks. As with any water delivery system, there is always the potential for leaks to develop in your lawn sprinkler system. Leaks generally start small, but over time they tend to expand or lead to an unexpected pipe burst. In order to catch any potential leaks while they are small and manageable, it is a good idea to have a professional regularly inspect your lawn sprinkler system
  5. 5. Off-Target Watering. Your sprinkler system is set initially to cover a specific target area, or zone. Over time, many factors can cause the targeting of your sprinkler system to shift. Eventually, you may end up watering a totally unintended area or missing the primary target areas. This is another reason to have a lawn sprinkler system professional conduct an annual inspection and adjustment.

With proper maintenance and service, you will have few or no problems with your lawn sprinkler system – despite Murphy’s Law!

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