How to Make Your Grass Greener

No matter what kind of lawn you have it can benefit from simple steps. As this article explains through mowing and a couple other tasks, your grass will be greener. Like the piece says, “Mow grass whenever it is growing, provided the ground isn’t too wet or icy to walk on. In spring, mow once a week with the blades at their highest setting, and gradually lower them as growth accelerates. Use a box to collect the clippings, which can be composted, or use a “mulching mower” which doesn’t remove the grass but chops it into fine pieces, returning nutrients to the lawn. Rake off thick patches of clippings, which will damage the turf. In summer, a high-quality lawn may need cutting three times a week, but in autumn, as growth slows, once or twice a week should suffice.”

In dry periods it is important to keep your lawn hydrated. If you have a newly established lawn you should water it in dry times. If your lawn is older you should leave it be. The amount of fertilizer you use on your lawn depends on how rich your soil is. Apply granular or liquid lawn fertilizer at least once a year. Spring and early summer feeds are high in nitrogen to boost leaf growth; products for use in early autumn are low in nitrogen but high in potassium to aid grass roots in winter.

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