Low Voltage Lighting Spruces up your Home Exteriors

As this article states, there are many ways that low voltage lighting can spruce up your landscape.  Low lighting can highlight areas of your home in a subtle way and also provide security and safety for you. If your yard is dark or the area around you yard is dark, low voltage lighting may be just the accent that you need. These types of lights are inexpensive to buy and are energy efficient as well.


Staircase lighting is one of the most popular uses of these types of lights. Homeowners can put the lights on the sides of stairs or underneath of stairs depending on the arrangement of your staircase. This can help you with visibility at night. A lit staircase can also help to deter trespassers. Since the low voltage lighting is very energy efficient, you can leave them on all night even if no one is home.


Freestanding lighting is another popular use of this type of light. If you have furniture or fixtures somewhere in your yard, you can illuminate it with freestanding low voltage lights. These lights can allow you to enjoy your furniture or outdoor areas into the evening.


Porch and garage lighting is also a great way to utilize these inexpensive lights. They may not offer the same security that a sensor or flood light does, but at the same time they do offer some security. Because they are so cheap to leave on you can have them lit all the time. This can help you be able to see better at night. It also can give off the impression that someone is home even if they are not.


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