Landscaping Lighting Can Boost Your Home Value

As this article states, a well put together lighting scheme on your landscape can improve your home value by leaps and bounds.  Lights can help improve the aesthetics of your home, but also improve the safety and home security of your property.

How can landscape lighting improve the beauty of my property?

-Use wireless stake lights to showcase your gardens and paths. The lights help to accent specific plants and trees.

-Shine a low voltage floodlight on flowering trees, or your garden’s water feature.

-Frame the edges of a stairway with recessed lighting.

-Place solar panel lights around your patio or other areas.  Also, electric lighting for the deck and patio now features globe lights, torches, and other styles modeled on indoor lamps. These are made with weather-resistant materials like polyurethane and powder-coated steel and aluminum.

-If your home is heated with natural gas, you can buy gas-powered lights on the walls or freestanding pillars.

How can landscape lights enhance the safety of your home?

-Try marking a path to your trash, recycling or your driveway with sensor lights to help with visibility.

-Use underwater lights to light up any pool at night.

-For aboveground pools, cast a glow on the path to the cabana or pool house with solar lights.

How can landscape lights help with home security?

-Just as you have your indoor lighting on timers or light-level sensors for security, you can do the same with outdoor illumination.

-Solar powered path and doorway lights are perfect for creating the illusion that someone is home, even if you are not.

-Motion sensor lights are also perfect for deterring trespassers. Set to an appropriate range, these lights have proven to be an excellent security enhancement for areas like garage doors, side and rear home entrances.

-Pests are also another thing that lights can help to deter. Motion detector lights help to rid your landscape of skunks and raccoons.

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