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Outdoor Walkway Lighting Ideas

If only there was a way to make your home safer while also increasing its curb appeal…

Oh wait, there is. By installing outdoor walkway lighting, you can improve safety and aesthetical appeal all with one simple home improvement project. This article from BackyardsAndGardens.com provides you with some outdoor walkway lighting ideas to help you decide how best to light up the walkways around your home.

Solar Outdoor Walkway Lighting

Solar lights not only conserve energy, but are also easy to install, with no electrical wires. The only requirement is that these lights be placed in an area that receives enough daytime light for them to recharge their batteries.

Low Voltage Outdoor Walkway Lighting

If you live in a shady area that does not receive enough sunlight to make solar powered walkway lights a viable option, low voltage outdoor walkway lights may be the next best thing. Unlike solar lights, low voltage lighting will require some wiring with installation. But since the lines are low voltage, they can easily be installed by any do-it-yourself homeowner. Most outdoor low voltage walkway lights come with LED bulbs and are suitable for installation in wet locations.

Outdoor Walkway Lighting Styles

First, decide if you want lights lining your walkway, hanging above the walkway, or within the walkway. Then decide if you prefer solar power, low voltage, or regular current lighting.

Now what about style? When it comes to lighting up the walkways and pathways around your home, you have a number of styles to choose from. To find out which style best suits your needs and budget, consult a landscape professional.

Lighting Up Outdoor Walkway Lighting

Now how are your lights going to turn on and off? If you install solar outdoor walkway lights, most have a sensor that will turn the lights on automatically when the sun goes down or the light level is too low. Other lights will often have a timer built into the transformer so that you can set the lights to go on (and off) when you want them to. Your third option is motion-censored lighting, which will go on only when motion is detected. And finally, you can opt for a simple switch to turn your lights on and off.

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